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Industrial Hygiene

Alliance Risk Control Services specializes in determining and controlling workplace hazards in order to minimize employee injuries and illnesses.

Air Monitoring

Through careful evaluation, air sampling, ventilation testing, and visual inspections, Alliance works with your company to keep employees safe and healthy while in on the job.  Alliance will evaluate many aspects of your site including proper ventilation, storage of chemicals, lighting, allergen exposure and other aspects that could negatively effect employees.

Noise Monitoring

Workplace noise can cause hearing loss and other health complications. Damage depends largely on the intensity and amount of time a person is exposed to noise. OSHA requires that employees be placed in a hearing conservation program if they are exposed to average noise levels of 85 dB or greater during an 8 hour workday.

Alliance will conduct noise surveys and testing to determine the sources of potentially damaging noise and work with your company to minimize and control the sound levels. Alliance will also create and implement a hearing conservation program as well as conduct training to keep your employees informed on minimizing hearing loss and complications do to noise exposure.

Industrial Hygiene, Noise Moitoring, Air Monitoring
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