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Lockout/Tagout Machine Specific Procedures

Alliance's engineers will create OSHA compliant lockout tagout procedures that  meet OSHA CFR 1910.147(c)(4)(i) - Energy Control Procedures.

Alliance provides customized procedures specific to your company's needs.

Above the Rest: Alliance currently utilizes the most current technology and techniques..Our procedures are the highest quality and provide the greatest value to our clients.  We have out matched our competitors and intend to stay that way!

Outsourcing your Lockout/Tagout program development to Alliance is cost-effective and guarantees that the program is developed with complete understanding and expertise.           


Safety is our business.  Let Alliance do what we do best!  If your Energy Control Procedures are inadequate or nonexistent contact Alliance for your risk assessment. 

For more information on hazardous energy click here!

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