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Fire Extinguisher Training with the BullEx I.T.S.

Alliance Risk Control Services is now training with the BullEx Intelligent Training System™!

The BullEx I.T.S uses a propane-based fire to create a hands on training experience in the safest way possible. The refillable water based fire extinguisher  allows for reuse time and time again. Teach your entire organization the PASS method and how to properly deploy a fire extinguisher with the help of our safety professionals. 

This state of the art fire extinguisher training is the best way to prepare employees for a real emergency. Live feedback and track-able results allow for tracking the performance of each trainee as they preform training. 

For information on training scheduling and pricing call 847.757.4807


For information on training, scheduling and our new hands on fire prevention program call (847) 757-4807.

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